NJ Supermarket Roundup Series Finale {Plus NEW!}

Welcome to the January 11, 2019 FINAL episode of our supermarket roundup VLOG! We’re shelving the weekly look at area supermarket fliers – and changing up how we talk about the deals each Friday.

For the past six or more months – we painstakingly reviewed what was in each supermarket circular. It wasn’t an easy task to make “digestible” (no pun intended.) Not only were the fliers packed with products they were also mostly poor food choices in general. Sad to say, but that is the current state of food shopping in 2019. It got harder and harder to talk about each week when we realized it was the same junk they were peddling.

We understand that we represent a small minority when it comes to this mindset for food consumption. But we’d rather be true to our cause than spread poisonous tidbits about blatantly unhealthy foods. I cannot fathom how some people can do this. I guess they go where the money and popularity are – regardless of how evil it may be. A lot of people “sell their soul” to make a buck. We’ll never be able to stoop to that level, no matter the price.

So, instead of “flipping” through the fliers page by page like we’ve been doing, we’re simply going to hand-select five (5) of the most noteworthy items that we think are worth considering as part of your budget each week.

Naturally, the markets will mostly remain the same (ShopRite, Kings, Stop & Shop, IGA, ALDI, etc.), and we’ll routinely feature “good deals” from other area retail stores (for non-food-related items) as well.

We hope to check out LIDL one of these days, too. Because we’d like to evaluate their level of quality first.

So that’s it – see you next week with our “season premiere” of the Top 5 Best Deals of the Week!

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