As a family – we don’t eat out much. We prefer to be in full control over what we consume. And that means in order to achieve that, you have to prepare it yourself.

But we’re not perfect, and sometimes we’re in a position (i.e., bad scheduling) to need to grab a quick bite.

One of our favorites is the Casa Maya Mexican Restaurant. They actually have two locations – one in Gillette, NJ (which is technically Long Hill, NJ) – and another over in High Bridge, NJ. See maps at the end of this article for perspective.

Casa Maya Mexican Restaurant

Casa Maya Mexican Restaurant

Casa Maya just gets it right

Food reviews are typically more than they need to be. Most folks just want the basics – and can figure the rest out by themselves. That said, Casa Maya just gets it right. Decent food at a fair price. Fast service. Something for everyone. Nice atmosphere. Not pretentious.

On top of that – they also offer catering, and both locations are BYOB – which is nice for the wallet. Paying by the glass for wine is one of the most overpriced things in the world. (See our Cheap Wine Reviews VLOG too!)

Solid and no-nonsense. How everything else in the world should be.

Casa Maya Mexican Restaurant

Casa Maya Mexican Restaurant

Here’s what they say about themselves…

About Casa Maya “Authentic Mexican Restaurant”

“Casa Maya opened for the first time in Gillette on June of 1986. The menu and the atmosphere were carefully designed to make you involved with the Mexican culture. Our priority is always providing excellent service in a real Mexican atmosphere. Our commitment to quality empowers us to offer our customers excellent service and values.

The Sonoran style Mexican cooking we feature is subtly spiced contrary to popular belief that the Mexican food is very peppery. However, for those desiring added pepperiness, we have spicy table sauces. We take extra time and care to ensure that our chef has the best ingredients available in which to prepare your meal. All dishes are made fresh daily in our kitchen, and we use only the highest quality ingredients.

Casa Maya has been recognized for our exceptional food, menu options, and exciting Mexican atmosphere. We are dedicated to providing fresh, tasty and diverse options. We want to thank our clients and community for preferring us throughout the years.

Come in with your friends, family, and colleagues and taste our traditional Mexican dishes. Let us accompany you with a fantastic dining experience or a lunch meal. Enjoy the time you spend at our restaurant and also, we welcome you to bring your beer and wine.”

Casa Maya Gillette

Casa Maya Mexican Restaurant

Casa Maya High Bridge

Casa Maya Mexican Restaurant

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