How to make your own self-cutting mirror! {VLOG}

How to make your own self-cutting mirror! {VLOG}

There are a lot of YouTube videos out there on how to make a cheap three-way self-cutting mirror. You know, to give yourself your own haircut!

That was one of the benefits of this recent “lockdown.” We’re probably going to get a paid haircut maybe only 10% of the time now. Money saved!

But many of the videos out there copy the same technique. Buying three of the cheapest 16″ Walmart mirrors and attaching them with weak hinges.

We did it differently. We bought two Walmart mirrors and a larger center mirror.

And used FULL-SIZE door hinges. No bending of hinges required. Just attach one set of hinges to the back of the mirrors on one side – and to the front on the other, and you’re all set.

See the video to understand our methodology.


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