We’re big fans of the public library. In particular, the Hunterdon County Library system.

We had a chance to visit the “headquarters” located in Flemington, NJ recently (see map below).

It’s the largest of all county libraries, which makes for having the best selection of books (and videos for kids – felt almost like a Blockbuster Video in there!)

It’s also one of the three major “branches,” which have the best hours (often till 9pm during the week). The other two branches are the North County Branch in Clinton, NJ – and the South County Branch in East Amwell, NJ.

Hunterdon County Library Headquarters - Flemington, NJ

The county library system is convenient

Most often, we typically visit whatever library is the most convenient, or part of our trip itinerary. But that doesn’t always work out well – because many of the locations are not open every day – and can have very limited hours.

Additionally – the smaller libraries don’t have nearly the selection.

But you can “order” anything that the system as a whole carries – and have it delivered to a location of your choice. So if you have patience – you can almost always have your needs met.

You can see the hours of each library here.

Hunterdon County Library Headquarters - Flemington, NJ

Hunterdon County Library Maps

Here is where the Hunterdon County Library “Headquarters” is located:

Here are all 13 libraries which are part of the Hunterdon County Library System:

Enjoy your reading!

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