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NJ Route 22 {What is this exactly?}

NJroute22.com was born to fill a niche.

After much thought and discussion, and despite the technological (over) saturation of other media sites and smartphones, we still found a void when it came to geographical congruence and specific attention given to this interesting and wide-spanning highway known as U.S. Route 22 (or in our case, NJ Route 22.)

It’s interesting because of its extremely wide-ranging demographics and density.

Spanning over 60 miles, and often having “split personalities” with other roads, we feel Route 22 has been a bit under-represented in general. It deserves more time in the spotlight. Especially the area in the western half of New Jersey. There are places that need help.

There are plenty of good businesses to patronize and places to see. We think they could use more recognition. And we hope that our stories might inspire more people to be adventurous and go beyond their routines to see what else they can do in NJ.

And as you might know – most roads are utilitarian, taking us from point to point.

But we hope that NJroute22.com can bring people together, as well as give exposure to places that might benefit from it. Because of the hundreds of thousands of residents and visitors who use the road (and area) each week, there must be a way to share the accumulated knowledge gained via experience over time. And we mean from an honest, realistic viewpoint – not some social media cesspool of promotion and fake attention.

This is REAL life. Not some competition to grab attention-spans on some slab of silicon and LCD pixels.

Which is why we’ll strive to go beyond simple reviews of individual businesses and locations and try to present a more holistic view of various stretches along this highway which spans the state. You do something over and over enough – you begin to see something deeper.

Not JUST Route 22 – but way beyond!

Finally, this website may be called NJroute22.com, but that only serves as the “backbone” (or “starting point”) for the content. We’ll often veer off the highway (NJ Route 22) and delve into surrounding areas to the north and south of 22. Going behind the scenes with a natural curiosity in order to know what’s out there. NJ Route 22 is just the beginning!

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