eBay flippers stealing all the good deals!

eBay flippers stealing all the good deals! {Walmart and beyond}

In today’s NJroute22.com VLOG – we have a quick public service announcement (PSA): If you see a good deal in a “clearance” section at any store – you might want to consider buying it. Because there are hundreds of thousands of “deal vultures” out there looking to re-sell these products online.

Translation: Bottom-skimmers are literally taking money away from people who might benefit from good prices!

(We saw some good sockets – that were actually even lower than the price listed. We thought we could wait for it to come down even more. But someone grabbed it the next morning. Meanwhile there are dozens for sale on eBay that will simply sit there forever!)

We did pick up a nice deal on 4 Gillette blades, a handle, and some shaving cream for just $5. Probably a $20 value at least.

Anyway, this is a relatively new (and booming) trend. People think they can make a good living “flipping” things on eBay.

While partially true – only the top 5% can truly sustain this lifestyle for long-term – and it requires TONS of work to do so (consistency is very hard and often hit or miss). It’s also why many of the early adopters created YouTube channels to augment any “monetization.” Smart strategy.

But just like “pyramid schemes” the best times are the early times. In 2020, we feel that the playing field is too crowded – and we see many people who scored “good deals” on things at places like Walmart – only to get stuck with this crap that no one will buy.

If you go into this with the intention to be happy with some extra pocket change – you will not be disappointed. If you want a hefty six-figure income – prepare to be let down!

But the losers here – are the basic shopper who just wants to stretch their dollars further. Oh well!

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