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Kings Food Markets is interesting

We speak about Kings Food Markets every week in our regular Supermarket Roundup VLOG. Why? Because we’re local to them, and we get their circulars.

Plus – they truly are “convenient,” when it comes down to it. We “cringe” when we see the checkout bill – but we understand there is a price to pay for that convenience. And many times, they do indeed have good quality. The store is friendly and well-managed.

However, that cringe is important. Kings is costly. Often two to three times more expensive across the board.

For people that are well-off, it probably doesn’t make a difference. But for others, who try to stretch their dollars further, shopping here is not sensible.

They do have good deals from time to time, so it’s still prudent to check their fliers. Like this week they have a fantastic deal on Bell & Evens chicken tenders. So keep an eye out!

About Kings Food Markets

Revenue: $405.9 million USD (2005)
Owner: Angelo, Gordon & Co. and MTN Capital Partners
Kings Food Markets is an upscale food market chain headquartered in Parsippany, New Jersey, with stores in northern New Jersey, New York, and Connecticut. Founded in the 1936, Kings was bought by UK retailer Marks & Spencer in 1988 and later sold to a US investor group consisting of Angelo, Gordon & Co. and MTN Capital Partners LLC in 2005.

As of 2018, Kings’ New Jersey competitors include Whole Foods Market and Trader Joe’s. The chain operates either in, or in close proximity to, affluent suburban towns, and its stores offer a mix of upscale and traditional grocery items.

In the 1980s, Kings was among the final supermarket chains to offer traditional S&H Green Stamps.

In 2009, Kings acquired Balducci’s.

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