You ever see Hemp Bombs CBD Oil products? While stopping for gas along Route 31 the other day – we ran into the Exxon convenience store to pick up a Powerball ticket (you never know!) and we noticed these CBD Hemp Bombs at the register.

Does anyone know what they are?

As with most convenience store-related items – we tend to think of them as “idiot taxes” for those who are lab rats and will try anything with fancy graphics and pipe-dream promises. 5-Hour Energy is the PRIME example of utter rubbish peddled at most “mini-marts.” I only wish I dreamt up that get rich quick scheme.

Who pops a pill they get at a gas station?

Anyway – here’s more about the Hemp Bombs

What Hemp Bombs says about themselves

“To produce a pure, premium quality CBD extract, we go straight to the source. Our CBD extract is sourced from superior quality Industrial Hemp that is organic-certified, non-GMO and grown with sustainable methods. Our top priority is quality, and we are extremely selective about the Hemp farms we work with to supply our CBD extract. Quality is our focus from plant to production, and we never lose sight of the power behind the natural Hemp plant.”

Those are just words. And why sell at convenience stations? Is that just a place that has a better reach? An easier sell?

The CBD industry seems very “mixed” – which is why you should be skeptical

There was a very weak article in the very slanted SFGate website about the hype regarding CBD oil. The article was counter-conclusive. Offered no insight at all whatsover.

In my small North Carolina town, a flier at the local convenience store exhorts me to “experience the phenomenon” of CBD products, promising it can provide “relief from” diabetes, alcoholism, schizophrenia, back and knee pain, and other conditions.

“Everybody who buys the product comes back and raves about it – including my mother,” the enthusiastic checkout clerk says.

And, I must add, including me.

I am now taking a CBD tincture daily. After all the hype, I wanted to see whether it might have a positive impact on my lifelong struggle against depression. (To be clear, the tincture I use is based on hemp-derived CBD, which contains less than 0.3 percent THC, which is short for tetrahydrocannabinol. That’s not enough to get high even if I drank the entire bottle, several experts explained.)

Despite the growing popularity of CBD, the science supporting the claims remains pretty slim at this point. So why so much interest in a substance researchers still know so little about? I’d say hype, hope and big bucks. To date, the Food and Drug Administration has approved only one drug containing CBD, Epidiolex, for previously uncontrollable pediatric seizures. (To get the FDA’s OK, a new drug must be rigorously studied in clinical trials.)

The Hemp Business Journal estimates that the hemp CBD market totaled $190 million last year in a category that didn’t exist five years ago.

Hemp oil and CBD oil have been touted

This is not to say that there isn’t any “hope” in this industry. But it’s natural to be suspicious.

The first point everyone should ask is “who is benefiting” – or another way to put that is “CUI BONO?”

CBD oil is poised to be a multi-billion dollar industry this year. In the hundreds of billions within five years. Who doesn’t want a piece of that pie? And how is that pie growing so fast? Who’s allowing it? Who is propagating the message to the masses (who eventually finance this new windfall)?

The minute an industry like this blows up so fast – and billions are on the table – is the minute we become slightly suspicious and naturally want to get to the bottom of it. In 2019, it may be very hard to find out who’s pulling thIsevers.

Is this “healing” anyone? Are all the products “legit?” Is the lack of regulations allowing for some trickery and deception? Who pays the price?

Despite the doubt – we’ll try Hemp Bombs anyway!

Next time we’re at a gas station or convenience store that sells this (very questionable) product – we are going to spend our hard-earned money and try some.

We’ll give it a shot for a week or so.. maybe a couple of days. And report back what we discover.

We do understand that “placebo effect” is real. But I can tell you without a doubt – that we know when things work and don’t – despite that phenomenon. Frankly – we have our doubts – and that probably makes us even better candidates for an honest result. Because those “hoping” to be happier or less depressed – are most likely to latch on to any placebo effect.

For those who are forever cynics – we’ll know for certain if something has physiologically changed in our body. And we’ll be honest about it!

Stay tuned!

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