Welcome to the July 2019 Edition of our NJroute22.com recap! What unique stuff did we cover this month?

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So, let’s take a look at some selected posts that were published in July of 2019.

Noteworthy articles published on NJroute22.com for July 2019

NJroute22.com Recap - July 2019

  1. Urbanized: We explore the vast differences between progressive city living and conservative rural survival.
  2. Smoother: Some sections of Route 22 in the central zone get a freshly paved surface. Will it last?
  3. Walking Road Hazards: Always good to remind people of the Deer Witching Hours – and to be alert while driving!
  4. Banning Epidemic: We’re a bit bothered at the nanny-state, and how now they’re meddling with plastic shopping bags. Doesn’t take a rocket scientist to connect the dots.
  5. Child Training: Nowadays, children seem way less prepared for the real world. Here are 40 lessons to teach your kids before they leave home.
  6. Hardware: Do you have a preference between Home Depot and Lowe’s? How about your local hardware store?
  7. Getting Worse: We strongly feel that drivers are really getting worse in NJ – and will only go downhill if they impose speed controls.
  8. Vices: The state really needs to fill their coffers – and NJ is set to pass Nevada as the sport betting king of the nation.
  9. More Vices: There are a lot of Major Liquor Stores in NJ – do you have a preference? Or is it about location?
  10. Misc.: Rounding out July – We rant about deceptive product names – visit ShopRite in Succasunna and ALDI in Rockaway – wonder if condiments just add to the waistline – make the perfect summer cocktail – and have decided that all sweet tastes should never enter our mouths.

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NJroute22.com Recap - July 2019

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