Route 22 Road Paving (Eastbound from Clinton to Branchburg)

Interesting improvements to a stretch of Route 22 in the Central section between Clinton and Branchburg.

Seems like they’re paving the entire stretch – at least on the eastbound side. The bid file we found online indicates the project cost just under $13 million dollars – and is expected to be completed no later than the end of October 2019.

It was awarded to Della Pello Paving.

A new way of paving?

It’s neat how they’re doing it, which appears to be a new method. At least from our perspective.

Back in 2016, they did “patchwork” paving repairs on Route 22 between Clinton and Route 287. They just smoothed out the worst of the potholes.

Now – they’re doing a full resurface (on the eastbound side). But what caught our eye was how. They’re doing it in “two paves” as far as I can see. One thin layer which cures for a week or three, then they complete the surface with a second layer.

I’m suspecting this is a more robust way to pave, and could possibly lead to it lasting longer than other shoddy highway projects.

But you never know. We always theorized that paving companies were in cahoots with one another to ensure that the roads will fall apart every 5 years so they have guaranteed contracts for life.

You know there is a company out there somewhere that can make roads last 50 years in any weather conditions. But they’ll never see the light of day.

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