We weren’t planning on including the ShopRite of Succasunna, NJ in our collection of ShopRite Supermarkets. However, we find ourselves in the Roxbury/Mt. Olive/Dover area a bit more frequently as of late – and wanted to offer our observations.

ShopRite of Succasunna, NJ

ShopRite of Succasunna, NJ

This ShopRite is another one of the Ronetco-owned supermarkets. Just like the ShopRite of Flanders, NJ.

The Ronetco family ShopRite’s seem to have a distinctly different feel to them compared to others in our scope.

I wouldn’t say for better or worse – but if you had to pick a label, you might say they’re a bit “rough around the edges,” or “in need of some moderization.” And so far, it hasn’t really impacted our shopping experiences.

We choose ShopRite for much of our grocery needs primarily because of their prevalence in NJ. And we have a shoppers card that occasionally saves us money. They feature many of the meats we like and typically have good enough prices for our frequently purchased items. (We like mixing things up at other places like Wegmans, ALDI and LIDL in particular).

ShopRite of Succasunna, NJ

There wasn’t much that could be considered profoundly earth-shattering about this supermarket. We satisfactorily got what we needed and went on our merry way. That is a passing grade to us.

Note that they have a ShopRite Wine & Spirits store attached, but purchases must be made seperately.

They have fairly standard hours (8am-10pm daily except Sundays closed at 7pm). Their phone number is 908-584-1322.

Map: ShopRite of Succasunna, NJ

ShopRite of Succasunna, NJ

ShopRite of Succasunna, NJ

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