Dealing with internet outage in 2020 {VLOG}

Dealing with internet outage in 2020 {VLOG}

Key talking points from today’s VLOG:

  • Taking the Internet for granted
  • Long-term outages cause anxiety
  • You miss checking
  • Lack of updates
  • Feel like you are Missing something
  • Void a feeling of emptiness
  • Some may do unfinished tasks to distract them
  • Others may start losing composure – traveling to find internet
  • Still want your internet back
  • Once You get it back – a giant feeling of relief as you perform your routines.
  • You realize Nothing all that important. Maybe you didn’t miss much at all?
  • At least you feel all caught up.
  • Isn’t that a kind of sickness to have – even after PROOF that life went on fine without your input/output online?
  • Maybe that is where people should be. Knowing that the internet doesn’t really miss anyone if they’re not there. Something quickly fills the void as if it never existed.
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