Welcome to the Febryary 2019 Edition of our NJroute22.com recap! (Looking more like we escaped a bad winter!)

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As a reminder, NJroute22.com represents a collection of “real life” stories – what it’s like to live along the NJ Route 22 corridor. This is in no way a “news” site or phony superficial click-bait mining operation. The content here varies widely – but we try to incorporate our daily life in this part of the state. The goal is to break the mold of traditional web outlets that people have literally been conditioned into using. This publication aims to be a bit more of an honest conversation along the road of life – not sugar-coated fluff or trendy nonsense. We also call things as we see them!

And for anyone that actually visits this website regularly – we truly appreciate the time you take to read what we write. Stay long enough and we promise that there will be many quality posts to come! We fine-tune and improve as we can. See how our video production quality has increased? 🙂

With that out of the way, let’s take a look at some of the posts published February of 2019.

Some articles published on NJroute22.com in February 2019

NJroute22.com Recap - for February 2019What were some noteworthy posts this month? Here we highlight 10 that we want to share again!

  1. How To: We’re starting to delve into helpful videos these days – like how to clean your clothes dryer – or upgrade an old pc.
  2. Affordable Food: We checked out Lidl of Union, NJ – and think the trend of cheap food will take off. Just watch what happens!
  3. New Puppies: NJroute22.com gets some new dogs – and a new feature here – The Life of Two Australian Shepherds. Follow along as we document their life every single week!
  4. Shopping Local: We checked out a true local business Raritan Valley Agway – as they carry some unique dog food, too.
  5. More ShopRite: We add to our catalog of Shoprite Supermarkets – with three more this month – Clinton, NJSomerville, NJ and Hillsborough, NJ.
  6. Flicks: A new movie theater coming this year – Cinemark Watchung, NJ. Amazed that Hollywood still makes money. For how long?
  7. Be careful with the apps: There is an app for everything these days. Don’t take the bait. They end up costing more in the long run!
  8. Thinking about sales: It’s always the shoddy stuff on sale. Makes you wonder how over-priced all that junk is to begin with!
  9. Decent Drinks: You might like the new Wild Basin Boozy Sparkling Water. Low carb, good buzz, and no sulfites!
  10. Keto, Low-Carb, and Carnivore Not only did we discontinue the old Supermarket Roundup VLOG, but the short-lived Top 5 Deals video category as well! We get to the meat of the matter finally. We’re all about avoiding the sugar and processed foods.

However, these are only some highlights of the previous month! You can see all the stories in chronological order by checking out the NJroute22.com blog format.

NJroute22.com Recap - for February 2019

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