Today we’re adding to the site a brief entry for yet another ShopRite Supermarket located in the coverage area.

The ShopRite of Hillsborough, NJ.

One of 24 ShopRite supermarkets covered by this website. See the other locations and history of ShopRite here.

Hillsborough is another Village Super Markets ShopRite

Over half the ShopRite Supermarkets in the scope this publication are operated under the Village Super Markets (public) corporation. See our ShopRite of Chester post to get a bit of insight about them.

This Hillsborough spot on Route 206 is not in our regular rotation, but we do pass by once a week on our way to and from Princeton, NJ.

We swung in for a quick spot check last week.

For starters, we didn’t particularly enjoy that parking lot. Something about that claustrophobic grand entrance. You have to drive in yourself to see what we mean. Hardly a “deal breaker,” just one of our pet peeves. We don’t enjoy not having navigation options. Your experiences will undoubtedly vary based on your preferences, living proximity, and frequency of use. There are other stores in this strip mall as well, but we didn’t pay attention whatsoever. Maybe next time.

But the ShopRite itself felt “familiar,” like most of them under this ownership do.

It’s located in a more populated area than many other ShopRite’s, and it felt somewhat smaller to us. Perhaps even a little cramped in spots. Maybe it was just busy because of some game that people were apparently getting prepared for. Not sure exactly.

Had no problem getting what we needed, enjoyed a speedy checkout, and we have no real complaints overall. After all, it’s just a ShopRite, right?

They’re open 7am to 11pm every day except until 10pm on Saturday, and 9pm on Sunday. If you need to call them – dial (908)359-7400 on that thing people used to use called the “telephone.”

We’ll try the Montgomery location next – which is just seven miles south, and under different ownership.

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