The ShopRite of Somerville, NJ may look familiar to many. It’s one of the many “World Class” ShopRite Supermarkets in the area (Branchburg and Bound Brook among 30 total). Owned by the Saker family, they have freakishly similar layouts which can give one Deja Vu very easily.

However, they fill a necessity – and that is to feed area residents.

World Class ShopRites are similar

This particular Shoprite is in a recently developed section of Somerville, NJ. Obvious attempts at hip and modern. All good. The parking lot and navigation around here has the scent of urban planners and other control freaks – as it’s rather tight and can get congested at times. But just a minor quip.

The Saker “World Class” ShopRites differ from other ShopRites because they definitely have their so-called “healthy” items segregated from the rest of the store (stuff like Gluten-free and organic), rather than incorporated with all the other “bad” versions of the same product types. Each methodology has its pros and cons. Like any large-format store, you have to get acclimated with the store layout in order to improve shopping efficiency.

This spot in Somerville also offers self-checkout, which not every location around does. Nice if you want to check out quicker. For comparison, the Branchburg location does not – and often has very long lines, even express.

Overall, we never really have a problem shopping at this ShopRite, and it’s clean and well-stocked.

Good supermarket hours, too

They have very good hours for an NJ supermarket. Understandable considering the slightly more citylike nature of downtown Somerville. 6am to 12pm seven days a week is pretty convenient. No ShopRite west of Branchburg is open past 10pm! I guess they think people don’t need to go food shopping later at night?

You can reach them at 908-231-8100.

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