NJroute22.com has about 24 ShopRite Supermarkets in our “coverage area.” And the ShopRite of Clinton, NJ is one of them.

While each ShopRite is part of a “chain,” many of them have different individual ownerships. From single owners (like the ShopRite of Union, NJ) – to publicly-traded conglomerates like Village Super Markets.

So just because it’s a “ShopRite,” does not mean you should expect EXACTLY the same experience. Similar, sure. But there are differences.

ShopRite of Clinton, NJ is A-OK

The ShopRite Supermarket located in Clinton, NJ (technically Franklin, NJ – but who’s being picky?) is sort of “in the middle” of all attributes.

Not the biggest, not the fanciest, not the best hours, and so on. But it has some worthwhile qualities.

They have been slowly “upgrading” the interior to keep up with the times – but that doesn’t matter much to us, fairly superficial.

The selection of produce and meats are on par with other ShopRites. They have our favorite meats most of the time. From our recollection – these are the same owners as Phillipsburg, NJ locations and some others.

Layout-wise, it’s easy to navigate and doesn’t feel cramped in any areas.

Many of the employees are also hard-working and dedicated, which is nice to see. A friendly, familiar face goes a long way.

Location and crowds

For one – the overall “busy-ness” of this ShopRite is typically very manageable, regardless of when we shop. Other than other super-peak times (like before a major holiday – which affects ALL supermarkets), the ShopRite of Clinton, NJ never gets overwhelmingly busy. That’s thanks to the general area, which is less densely populated than others.

We also like the “easy access” of this location.

It’s “quick shot” off Route 78 / Route 22 – making it a super-convenient “pit stop” if you have a bigger list of destinations for that day. Additionally, there are a few other retail stops you can make within minutes – such as Walmart, ShopRite Liquors, Basil Bandwagon, Ocean State Job Lot, and so on. So Clinton, NJ is a decent and productive stop to take care of your to-do lists.

Plus you can quickly access Route 31 for locations to the north or south.

So-So hours – but who’s complaining?

Some of the busier ShopRite’s have better hours. Even open until Midnight! I believe some are even open 24 hours in more urban areas.

Not so in Clinton. They’re open till 10pm every night except Sunday, when they close at 9pm. We understand. It’s business.

In all – we find this ShopRite to be quite reliable and have never had any problems here. You can reach them at (908)730-6800 if you have any questions.

PS – their parking lot is okay. We suggest parking closer to the back to just avoid congestion. The walk will always help. We’ll talk about that another day!

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