Upgrading 10 year-old Intel Core i7 Desktop {Geek Zone}

Upgrading 10 year-old Intel Core i7 Desktop {Geek Zone}

Today we take a break from the usual NJ stuff and talk about something that may apply to anyone on the planet. Technology. Specifically, upgrading a 10-year-old Intel Core i7 desktop PC. We “leveled up” our normally rock-solid computer recently. We’ve been doing this type of stuff for decades.

There are tons of “how to” videos online about exactly what we did. Folks that can get their hands dirty know what we’re talking about. “UPGRADING” a desktop computer.

However, there are millions of computer users out there that have absolutely NO IDEA what we’re talking about, and are likely completely unable to tinker around with computer components – despite their necessity for such “appliances.” They normally just buy another “ready to go” (low-end) computer from a place like Walmart or Best Buy. Certainly not horrible options – but “mass produced” and far from ideal – unless you spend significantly more money (i.e., at Best Buy).

I suppose the same can be said for fixing your car, refrigerator, or even changing a light bulb these days. Some folks are just clueless, and probably blissfully ignorant about it. Not everyone has the time or wherewithal to get into things. Sort of the same way we feel about paint colors and fabric types.

But computer upgrades can be fun – especially if you can appreciate the headaches that ensue. There are many facets which make something good – or great. And it’s an obsession propeller-heads have been dealing with since the industrial and technological revolutions. Human nature.

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