NJroute22.com Recap – 3rd Edition (May 2018)

This was NJroute22.com’s second full month online! (See our 1st Edition Recap here, and second recap here.)

We’re still posting one article a day until we find our appropriate pace. The Route 22 area is an enigma. We’ll figure it out eventually.

Be sure to check out our video category here – which can be subscribed via our YouTube channel below. A regular podcast is coming soon, as soon as we determine how to do it!

We’re getting into the groove of how the site will move forward in the future. A live chronicle of what it’s like to live along the NJ Route 22 corridor is a great topic of interest – so the types of content will ebb and flow depending on the seasons, as well as what ordinary life might throw our way.

That said – let’s take a look at some of the posts published this month.

Other articles published on NJroute22.com in May 2018

What were some of our favorites this month?

  1. Hot Air Balloons – Are they dangerous to have flying around?
  2. Thee Ice Cream Parlor – a decadent treat for area residents. Along with reduced-sugar options for sensible people!
  3. Lottery Ticket TIP – want to know the fastest way to scratch a crossword ticket?
  4. Stoney Brook Grille – we take a rare look at an area restaurant. Pretty good, if you ask us!
  5. A great PSA about the importance of Wheel Alignments for your car. The easiest way to save!
  6. NJ Transit – we detailed the Raritan Valley Line as well as the Morris & Essex Line.
  7. How do you feel about the “speed limit?” We think this whole thing is a giant racket to ROB YOU.
  8. What retail will occupy the old Walmart site in Whitehouse?
  9. We think Tim Hortons Cafe is a ton better than other “coffee shops” in the area – why aren’t there more of them?
  10. The Shoppes at The Farm – a slow construction project in Readington seems like it’ll bring upscale retail to the area soon. Any thoughts?

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