Taking your time – doing things slowly {VLOG}

Taking your time – doing things slowly {VLOG}

In today’s NJroute22.com VLOG – we opine about the benefits of taking your time and doing things slowly.

Last week we chatted about how conversations have changed in the digital world. No real deep thoughts – just sound-bites and hard-core, unwavering opinions about everything.

The same kind of applies to any of the work or projects people engage in as well.

They just want to finish whatever it is – by any means necessary. That often means just looking for videos of other people showing you how to do it. BEFORE even trying it yourself.

We take pride in doing things slowly. Mulling over projects over time. Rushing to do things, especially larger, more complicated projects is foolish. Mainly because, even if you “succeed” by copying someone else – you miss out of the brain-building power of thought and contemplation.

One recent example is a big project we did here at home, where I transformed my office lighting. From lamps – to mostly indirect LED strip lighting. It was a complicated project that took me weeks.

From doing heavy research on the exact products and accessories I needed – to actually drawing diagrams and notes to pre-plan my project.

I revised it many times after letting the idea simmer before making the purchases. I’d go back and physically inspect my “job site” many times to visualize the work that had to be done.

It worked out well to be patient and think about it several times over, as I feel I did the best job in the end. If I had rushed – I would have made some serious errors in both the design and implementation.

This has been true with many project we have here. Mainly ones that are “optional.” You don’t always have the time to take it slow – especially if there is a critical repair. Luckily for us, the repairs we’ve needed to make were much simpler.

So whenever you have a project you’re considering – don’t feel shame in taking it slow. Sure, it can be fun because of the “new” aspect of it, but don’t be an anxious kid about it. It’s not so bad to put things on the backburner while you really go over it in your head. Sometimes – you might actually decide that it’s a waste of money – or completely unnecessary.

How do you handle your projects or fun ideas? Do you blast through them, or pace yourself?

See you next video!

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