NJroute22.com Recap – 2nd Edition (April 2018)

NJroute22 recap 2nd edition April 2018
Written by NJroute22

NJroute22.com Recap – 2nd Edition (April 2018)

This was NJroute22.com’s first full month online! (See our 1st Edition Recap here).

While we spent most of the first month populating the site with some core content – we spent the 2nd month online expanding on ideas a bit.

For one, this site will incorporate lots of video content. See our video category here – or check out our YouTube channel below. Other audiovisual messages will come in time.

We’re working out some kinks, and trying to develop some cadence in terms of how the site will move forward in the future. This is essentially a live chronicle of what it’s like to live along the NJ Route 22 corridor – so the types of content will ebb and flow depending on the seasons, as well as what ordinary life might throw our way.

That said – let’s take a look at some of the posts published this month.

Other articles published on NJroute22.com in April 2018

What were some of our favorites this month?
10 things route 22 april 2018

  1. We kicked off our weekly supermarket circulars VLOG talking about the major places to buy food. Trying to make that fun!
  2. Many people are getting into “prepping,” especially in the rural areas. A handy checklist of 30 survival items to begin your prepping journey.
  3. Love to journal? Our version is this blog. Some folks write stuff down. We reviewed some faith-based inspirational journals from Fox Chapel.
  4. Hopefully, you didn’t fall ill from the E. Coli outbreak earlier in the month!
  5. Is it just us, or are drivers becoming more apprehensive (and slow) these days?
  6. Summer is coming – you ought to check out Pelican Swim & Ski Center!
  7. We checked out the new Whole Foods Market of Bridgewater, NJ. Are you a fan? Or are they too costly?
  8. Speaking of getting around – are you one of the compliant or defiant drivers in NJ?
  9. Saving money. Do you use the coupon books like Clipper Magazine?
  10. Lastly – why talk about the love of supermarket shopping. Even the most mundane tasks can be fun if you put your mind and imagination into it.

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