Top 5 NJ Supermarket Deals – January 26, 2019

Welcome to the January 26, 2019 “new” edition of the Top 5 NJ Supermarket Deals VLOG.

This is our recently revised feature where we “scan” the utterly overwhelming circulars each week to scope out some good deals for health (and value) conscious shoppers. We haphazardly choose what we feel are our Top 5 (usually more) noteworthy items for consideration.

Our core markets at the moment are Shoprite, Kings, ALDI, IGA (Independent Grocers), Stop and Shop, Walmart, and several other outlets in the region if we feel the situation warrants it.

As you might recall, our past Supermarket Roundup VLOG feature – we would normally “flip through” the weekly fliers to see what the state of the shopping environment was. That method of discussion was probably a bit too old school.

It’s helpful to know that we do not engage in the Standard American Diet (S.A.D.) Packaged food, in general, is not something any sane person would want. However, it’s what most people do. Doritos. Carbs. Pasta. Pizza. Bread. All those “tasty” things are what is causing the epidemic of health problems in our country. And across the globe!

But we’re toning down our rhetoric in regards to “schooling” everyone we talk to in regards to proper health tactics. Instead, we’re going to just feature things that won’t send you to the Doctor’s office – all without the reprimands.

Enjoy the upcoming big game!

Oh and here’s a rough draft of the “Script” we wrote for this segment.


Everything is about the big game! We don’t watch it – but ShopRite will not let you forget about the BIG GAME! It’s GAME DAY!

o Game Day Baby Back Ribs!
o Get ready for the BIG GAME coupon!
o STARTING LINEUP – Perdue & Tyson
o And Healthy Snacking for Game Day!
o (How many HEART ATTACKS happen by halftime with this diet?)
o BIG GAME FAVES (Have you eaten enough?)
o GAME DAY PREP (Amateurs for sure!)
o You get the point – TOO MUCH ALREADY!

But Shoprite DOES have a couple good deals this week worth mentioning.

The Best Burgers at any Supermarket are on Sale – Pat LaFrieda ($1 off 6.99 pound and a half – @ $4.66/lb. best meat for the money) – and Schweid & Sons (not quite as good or cheap &7.49 21.2 oz., but solid 2nd choice if out of stock). Stock up and freeze if you have the room!

Avocados at almost ALDI prices. 79 cents apiece.

Speaking of ALDI – Even though they’re the cheapest every week, we still intend on picking at least one or two items that are exceptionally good – (and we still haven’t tried LIDL yet!)

 They have avocados for just 59 cents they’ve been very fresh – rarely get rotten! Sale ends Saturday the 26th, though.
 They also have an insanely cheap deal on 73% ground beef. $1.49 a pound is nuts! THE DEAL STARTS WEDNESDAY JANUARY 30th!
 Not the best tasting meat – but extra juicy that is for sure! This would be great in a chili recipe as well. We cannot vouch for the “source” of such meat however but we have survived just fine eating it.

 KINGS – has a few deals worth mentioning.
 NATHAN’S Hot Dogs – Buy One Get One (a good deal for Kings!)
 Also the OLD CROC cheese is a reliable brand to always have on hand. A step up from ShopRite – and only $2.50 a block this week.
 We always love LA CROIX – and they have a 2 for 7 deal – which is the max we want to pay for this stuff. So refreshing.
 Lastly there’s this MICHAELS of BROOKLYN red sauce. Looks genuine to me. It’s half off normally 10 bucks a jar – now only 5. Wonder why it’s on sale? Does it not live up to genuine Italian image? Or just way too costly for not much better?

Okay – ON to today’s Tip of the Week, where we share something helpful or interesting.

This week we’ll talk about some VALUABLE INSIGHTS you can GAIN FOR FREE each time you visit the supermarket. IT’s called the power of observation and correlation.
Look at people’s shopping carts. What do they have inside? Take a look who’s in the chip and cracker aisle.

See what these people look like. Are then in shape? Thin? Obese? Happy? Unhappy? Commercial junk food? It helps to see first hand the mind control big businesses have over most of the population.

Sure – many claim that their food choices are based on their economic situation. We don’t buy that. You can absolutely eat healthy on any budget.

Once you see what is going on right in front of your eyes – it will help you in making the right decisions for you and your family.

PS – we weren’t on our “game” this week for our video. Sometimes our home life is quite miserable – and it’s very hard to put on the “game face” for our video productions. We try our best, but sometimes the overwhelming lunacy and illogical happenings just make it hard. We’ll try better next video. Our song was ironically appropriate. Plus, it was 20 degrees and we were just wearing a t-shirt!

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