Like we’ve mentioned many times in the past – there are about 24 ShopRite Supermarkets in the coverage area.

We regularly visit about 12 of them. The ShopRite of Washington, NJ is one of them.

It may be near the bottom of that list of 12 – but we still go at least eight to 10 times per year – depending on our other requirements in the area.

The Washington ShopRite ain’t so bad!

We actually like the ShopRite in Washington quite a bit.

It’s a very large ShopRite – with great selections of produce.

The store is pretty well laid out, and we have no real complaints. Even the parking lot is on par with what we deem acceptable.

This particular ShopRite is under the Village Supermarkets Corporation. They’re a major player in this cooperative.

They’re also the only publicly traded ShopRite franchise in existence. Similar to the Chester ShopRite we spoke about recently. They apparently have some serious financial clout.

ShopRite of Washington, NJ

ShopRite of Washington, NJ

Why we love the ShopRite of Washington, NJ

As part of the big picture – we view ourselves as people who enjoy simple pleasures as well as intellectual discussion.

We love talking about the deeper details of life – but we also appreciate the simpler things as well. This ShopRite fulfills both for us.

One of the most interesting aspects of supermarket shopping (beyond the products, pricing, coupons, and other tactics), is the people that shop there.

Of course, it depends on when you shop, but no matter – the diversity is interesting.

You have young and old – poor and wealthy – and everything in-between.

But what we love best about this particular ShopRite – is something unusual: The profound “openness” of both the store itself, as well as the surrounding area. It just feels more “out in the open” to us. It is a peculiar feeling not too many people might appreciate. That is why I like coming here.

Bonus – Pasteurized Eggs!

This Shoprite is one of a very few places you can get Pasteurized Eggs.

Why would one want pasteurized eggs? Well – if you want to use RAW EGG in any of your recipes – pasteurization pretty much eliminates most of the risk of salmonella poisoning.

We’re experimenting with homemade mayonnaise at the moment. So we’ll chime back in with a recipe one day in the future. These Davidson’s Pasteurized Eggs were about $5 a dozen.

ShopRite of Washington, NJ

Below is their location – and you can call them at 908-835-0761. They open at 7:30am seven days a week – and close at 10 PM Monday through Friday, 9 PM on Saturday, and 8 PM on Sunday. Something to keep in mind for weekend shoppers.

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Solid ShopRite in Washington, NJ

We like the ShopRite supermarkets in general – but the one in Washington, NJ is a favorite. While we don’t go as often as we’d like – we still make an effort to get over there. Definitely a solid choice for your food shopping.

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