Walmart Closes in Readington, NJ

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Walmart Closes in Readington, NJ

Cry me a river. A Walmart location in Readington, NJ has closed.

We’re on the fence about this.

Because there have been times that this particular Walmart has come “in handy” for us. For whatever reason. They had a couple actually helpful employees as well (rare for a Walmart!)

But their financial gurus at the head office said Readington had to go. Probably not good for shareholders.

Walmart can destroy many local businesses

Some might say that the closing-down of this Walmart location will enhance “local” businesses.

We’re not so sure.

Because the local businesses that this Walmart initially destroyed after opening in 2004, may never come back. And it’s way too hard for any new businesses to simply sprout up out of the blue. In today’s business environment, at least.

Where will locals shop now?

For the many times we frequented this Walmart, we witnessed countless “locals” shopping here. For whatever reason.

Clothes, food, medicine, and cheap TV’s made in China. This Walmart was frequented by thousands each week.

Where will the locals go? Some other Walmart? They are everywhere pretty much. Or some other big-box store?

Or will the locals pay more to buy from a more limited selection from one of the many local, independently-owned specialty stores out there? Even though the cost is significantly higher?

How long does brick & mortar have these days?

With nearly the entire population connected to their smartphones and doing everything online – it’s a fair question to ask if “stores,” in a physical sense, can last. We think they will – at least in the short-term. But for how long – we cannot predict. Maybe society just doesn’t need “stores” anymore?

Does anyone “inspect” what they buy anymore? Or do they just find the lowest price online, and return products (with generous return policies) if they need to?

That is one of the perplexing issues that confound us these days.

The internet commerce world has really played a major role in our society. But at what expense? What about jobs? What new industries will fill the void?

This is something that we’ll all collectively be experiencing over the coming decade. And perhaps this is a more important issue that you realize. Because it’s quite possible there may be a day in our lifetimes – that NOTHING is available “now,” and that everything we want or need will have to be delivered by UPS. Or worse, via some drone dropping it off in our front yard.

The cost will be our identity and shopping habits. You may never again be able to acquire anything anonymously anymore. Is the convenience worth that trade-off?


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