Today we’re creating an entry for another one of the about two dozen ShopRite supermarkets we’re covering here on This time, the ShopRite of Union, NJ.

It’s the second most eastern Shoprite along Route 22 – a little over three miles west of the ShopRite of Hillside, NJ.

The ShopRite of Union is part of the Village Market corporation (see the Chester ShopRite post for more info about them), the only publicly-traded group of ShopRite’s.

This Shoprite is the “headliner” of the Union Plaza Shopping Center, which also hosts a Marshalls, a Modell’s and a bunch of other predictable kinds of stores you’ll almost always find in strip┬ámall complexes such as this. The proud end result of American consumerism, we suppose.

On par with other ShopRite supermarkets

This location has all the branding and signage in common with the other Village Market ShopRite’s we’ve seen.

That said, this is a very clean and organized ShopRite.

It does feel a bit smaller in terms of square footage compared to other locations – but we’re not certain. Could just be the layout, etc. We only shopped here quickly to pick up some last minute necessities.

There was something a bit different about this ShopRite supermarket, however…

ARMED OFFICERS on duty at Union ShopRite

One thing that we noticed right away – was a couple armed security details. One was a Union cop inside, the other was a security guard by the front door.

Curious, I approached the cop and asked why he was there.

He said that they’re employed there due to the “large amount of cash” that is collected at this ShopRite each day. And he wasn’t complaining about the easy job it is to just stand there all day as a robbery deterrence.

But that makes you wonder, doesn’t it?

  • Why isn’t there similar armed security in most other ShopRites in the Route 22 area?
  • I thought most people pay by card these days anyway. Does this location take more cash than others?
  • If so, why? Do more people have “cash” jobs? Bad credit? Or just no bank accounts and debit cards?
  • Or is this location more susceptible for a crime like a robbery to happen?

It appears that the more “urban” and populous an area is, the higher likelihood of something nefarious to take place. Simple statistics, I surmise.

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Any ShopRite is alRight with us!

The Union ShopRite has great hours – which is understandable considering the location. Open seven days a week, from 7 AM to 11 PM. Nice to have a supermarket with late hours. Not quite as close as the Wegmans in Bridgewater, which is open until Midnight seven days a week (10 PM for alcohol sales – which this ShopRite does NOT have.)

You can call them at 908-810-6742 if you’re the type that still uses the phone to communicate with other people and businesses. The official address is 2401 Route 22 West, Union, NJ 07083 (like if you want to send them a thank you letter or something similar).

Either way – Shoprite is still one of the top 3 supermarket options in our area – regardless of which one you shop at! Feels like home.

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