Can someone help me understand why fast food is still popular in NJ – and beyond?

Don’t get me wrong, we know fully well that this type of food is highly addictive. It satisfies the human weakness that everyone has.

They don’t care what it does to their bodies long-term and just want the food now. Especially since it’s so easy to get, and “tastes” so good! You don’t even have to get out of your car! You can mindlessly shovel the food down your throat while driving.

We get that part.

What we don’t understand is the part that now everyone has incredible access to the greatest library in the history of planet Earth. The internet.

And it is next to impossible to avoid the treasure trove of information that clearly states (with evidence) that this food is toxic for you. Why doesn’t that click? Is the food so addictive that it clouds plain evidence? Confirmation Bias so strong?

Why does (inaccurate) information like climate change get people all riled up? Because it’s not real and has no personal impact? And no “pleasure centers?”

Why is fast food still popular in NJ?

Fast Food still popular in 2019

Despite the “reports” that fast food consumption is down in the past decade or so – we still see plenty of customers lined up for their fix.

No matter what time of day – and regardless of the location, most fast food drive-throughs ALWAYS have multiple cars lined up.

We find that amazing. Like a free research study right in front of our eyes. Clear as day. The addictive nature of bad food is thriving in 2019.

Sadly – most people don’t change their ways until something very drastic happens. Such as a major illness. Or when absolutely no clothes fit. Or when their partner dumps them and says the true reason why (physically unappealing).

But a story for another day is the “quick fixes” that most people who want to fix their lives attempt. Like miracle pills. Or exercise contraptions. Bogus fast diets (“30 lbs. in 30 days!”). Or even worse – surgical procedures.

You truly need a couple years at least to fix the problem. And you can do it permanently and quite easily if you are patient. Just research your blood sugar to get started. Understand that is the key to the ONLY door that will lead you in the right direction. We cannot be more clear than that.

Email us if you want some more inspiration. I can easily offer some nuggets of wisdom free of charge if we have the time. Don’t be ashamed. Be proud for seeking help!

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Why is fast food still popular in NJ?
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