Basil Bandwagon is one of the few “health food” stores we frequent around the area. They’re a fairly reputable place to shop for certain necessities, and even have some great deals on regular purchases (like the organic milk we get for just $3.99 per half gallon).

Their other location in Flemington, NJ is their “flagship,” and is significantly larger.

However, this Clinton, NJ location is set to expand slightly. They’re taking over the space next door which used to be home to a Chiropractor (it occupies only the front part of that half of the building).

They said this new addition would primarily be for “cafe space,” but I reckon some general improvements will come along with the extra elbow room. I suppose there is some financial incentive to allow people to sit down after ordering their smoothies?

This new Basil Bandwagon upgrade should be completed in 2019.

basil bandwagon Clinton NJ expands to take over chiropractic office-1

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