When to buy at Walmart (and when not to)

Does Walmart – despite the debate – make sense sometimes?

We’re very torn about the whole Walmart debate. Honestly – it’s a tough nut to crack. Between saving money for your household, or defying the biggest business in America gives many people some real internal struggles. Heck, even Walmart has perceived troubles!

Some folks have overly strong principles. Anyone who pays attention knows that the likes of Walmart (and other mega-corporations) have “hurt” many local economies. Put people out of business. And as a result – there are many folks that have boycotted these monoliths in protest. They want to save local businesses and they believe that by not shopping at Walmart, that the money will go into the pockets of those other people who are struggling.

That is noble for sure. And we have no problem with people who make that choice.

The problem is – that many people do not have the financial liberty to support others at a higher price. That would mean less for them and their families.

Things we have no issue buying at Walmart

We do try our best to find things at local businesses we can buy. Such as the dog good over at Raritan Agway, for instance.

However, there are a few items that you can always get for less money at Walmart. This includes ordinary supplies that we were accustomed to buying at places like ShopRite, etc.

Here’s a brief list off the top of our heads – that we will probably start buying regularly at Walmart:

– Disposables like aluminum foil, wax paper, shrink-wrap. Typically about 10-15% less than other stores.

– Packing Tape.

– Certain toys. We spot checked half a dozen popular toys recently – and found them also around 20% cheaper than we could get online. No-brainer.

– Some cooking ingredients. Especially the more expensive kinds, like avocado oil. Walmart offers larger sizes at much lower prices.

Over time, it will be easy to find 20 or so items that are rock solid at the big, bad Walmart. But the big, bad Walmart can keep extra money in our pockets for other useful things!

What are your thoughts?

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