Almost always overlooked today is the butter everyone eats. Either people just consume any old butter, or even worse – vie for the “plant-based” franken-butters. A hidden gem of improvement that everyone could make TODAY.

The key is not “organic” or other feel-good buzzwords. It’s all about the kind of salt you’re ingesting.

And that is sea salt versus ordinary refined table salt.

Which is why we’re featuring Vermont Cultured Butter in this brief article.

Spotlight: Vermont Cultured Butter

Finding butter salted only with sea salt is next to impossible. For the most part, we relied upon Kate’s Butter, which was available at ShopRite (not anymore) and Stop & Shop (which is not our preferred supermarket). It is an excellent butter, and worth the premium ($5 per 8oz., or close to $7 per pound.)

It was frustrating that it was hard to find in NJ, and even more troubling that it was practically the only option.

Until recently.

We found this Vermont Cultured Butter over at Wegmans in Bridgewater. They had two varieties – unsalted (always good), and sea-salted. And only $3.19 per 8oz. package! Winning!

What is cultured butter anyway?

We didn’t know either until we “looked it up.”

To cut to the chase, it’s basically derived partially from a yogurt base. So the bottom line is that it’s not quite as “creamy” as a traditional butter. Has a bit of a yogurty-twang. Call it a bit “sour” if you must compare it to a luscious taste such as Kate’s.

Definitely different, but still enjoyable.

If you’re interested in some of the better butter out there, we highly recommend it. It’s pleasing to know that our array of options has improved. Very important to build your go-to lists of quality products.

You can thank us later.

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