We’re not proponents of this mask thing, nor do we particularly like “political” stuff. However, we still chose to share this thought-inspiring piece:

Top 4 Reasons Media Promote Masks: Fear, Rallies, Debates, Voting (‘Health’ Isn’t Even In Top 10)

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The reason the media and their leftist allies want everyone wearing masks has nothing to do with public health and everything to do with political engineering.

If they truly respected the science and cared about public health then they would have focused from the beginning on protecting the vulnerable populations. But protecting the vulnerable populations wasn’t their goal. Creating a crisis was. And so they goose-stepped right past rationality and dove head first into manufacturing as much collateral damage as possible for everyone else.

And they haven’t stopped since. And they won’t until a) Donald Trump is no longer president, or b) something “better” comes along that they can use to inflict even more pain on our nation like, for example, riots and looting in the name of shaming our allegedly racist hellhole of a country.

Until then, ferociously insisting everyone wear masks is their last and best hope to milk our nation’s COVID-19 humiliation for all they can get. And here are the top 4 reasons they see value in doing so.


Our national panic attack and uniform subservience to the draconian lockdown measures were predicated entirely on fear. The media, with a huge assist from the politicized and now widely-discredited wing of academia, scared the vast majority of our nation silly and thus made us putty in their hands. The carnage they promised never came. The breakdowns never occurred. The hospital resources and PPE they promised we’d never have enough of were, thanks to President Trump and his team, replenished exponentially and we are now shipping ventilators off to other less fortunate countries that don’t have a$$-kicking Presidents who are able to fight the media off with one hand and rally everyone who matters with the other in a successful effort to get important things done.

The media and their leftist allies see our nation red-pilling itself and coming out of our fear comas and they know they can’t stop it.

So what’s the next best option?

Make us all walking advertisements for that fear by insisting we wear masks.


Sleepy Joe Biden could spend 2 weeks standing outside of an arena in the bluest parts of the country while live streaming on Facebook and pleading with his supporters to come listen to him speak. And when he took the stage at the end of the two weeks he’d be lucky to have 2,000 people in the arena. And most of them wouldn’t be there to hear him speak. They’d be there in a contrived effort to help disprove the entirely obvious reality that nobody wants to hear Biden because no one is even marginally excited about him or what he stands for. President Trump, on the other hand, typically draws around 10,000 people everywhere he goes. And even in Tulsa, OK recently despite the media’s fear-mongering about the virus and the left’s domestic terrorists flooding the gates and threatening families with small children who wanted to get in, Trump still pulled in well over 6,000 attendees.

President Trump’s rallies are insane. He says they’re a “lovefest” and he’s not wrong. They have every bit the feel of a Phish or Dead show for those of you who know that scene. If you’re there, no matter who you are or what you look like, you’re family. It’s a total rock concert vibe with nothing but good energy and people who are thrilled to — however briefly — be able to unapologetically support our President without worrying about being banned from social media or assaulted in the streets.

Think about that for a minute.

That is the America that the media created after 4 years of putting targets on the backs of anyone who supports President Trump by implying we are all either racists or idiots, and that all of us are responsible for what the media promises to be America’s imminent demise under President Trump. They’ve not only tried in and in many cases succeeded at chilling our First Amendment right to free speech, but they’ve inspired violence against us and then normalized that violence by not even mentioning its now-endemic nature every day all across America.

President Trump’s rallies are a great escape from that. And they are a political anomaly that the United States of America has never seen before. And it’s beautiful. And it’s powerful. And it’s one of the most potent weapons in his campaign’s arsenal because it energizes President Trump and it engages his supporters and it piques the interest of voters who may be on the fence and want to know what all the excitement is about. By making everyone either wear a mask or be branded evil for not wearing one, the media are effectively cancelling all rallies this season. The Trump campaign knows that any death that can be pinned on them, will be. It doesn’t matter if the person was driving down the street and got decapitated in a high-speed collision. If that person also had any sign of COVID-19 and he’s the 3rd uncle to someone who attended a Trump rally, the media will memorialize the man as if he were a patron saint and spend a solid 1-2 weeks shaming President Trump and anyone who attended.

The media and their leftist allies want everyone to wear masks because it perpetuates the fear, and thus takes away one of President Trump’s most potent campaigning weapons while absolving Sleepy Joe’s inability to compete when it comes to actual enthusiasm.


Look, fat: whenever there’s an audience Joe Biden is yet to endure even modest criticism without challenging someone to a push-up contest or a fight. The man is an utter disaster. A rapidly deteriorating shadow of his former self, he lacks the wit and clarity to respond substantively and only compounds his obvious cognitive decline by suggesting that he’s too old to think clearly but by gum he’ll gladly wager 2 bits that he can finish you off in fisticuffs you lyin’ dog-faced pony soldier, you.

The media are terrified of Biden speaking for 5 minutes let alone 90.

Let alone 90 in a head-to-head debate format.

Let alone 90 in a head-to-head debate format in pursuit of the presidency.

Let alone 90 in a head-to-head debate format in pursuit of the presidency against Donald Trump.

Let alone 90 in a head-to-head debate format in pursuit of the presidency against Donald Trump and in front of a live audience.

If he absolutely must debate Trump head-to-head, the media desperately want it to happen virtually so Biden can feign technical difficulties when he needs another snort of Adderall or some other performance-enhancing drug. But if for some reason he has to do it in-person, the media will do everything they can to make sure Anderson Cooper is the only other person in the room. Because if Biden has to debate Trump for 90 minutes in front of an audience, it’s going to be a 90-minute highlight reel of Biden falling flat on his face and Trump kicking him while he’s down.

If everyone is wearing masks then nobody can be expected to host or attend or allow a standard presidential debate. And that, again, wipes out one of Trump’s best weapons in this campaign while wiping away the best evidence voters will see of Biden’s most glaring weakness. And how will they pull it off? If you’re wearing your mask it’ll be easy. Because you’re walking proof that we can’t possibly have live debates in front a well-populated audience with all this “danger” in the air. Danger that we know is there, because your mask tells us it is.


Fear is the sunlight, water and oxygen. Hurting Trump and helping Biden by shaming those who allow or attend rallies, and diluting the rigors and pressures of presidential debates by having them in empty halls or virtually (if at all), are the high-grade fertilizer. But the political harvest the media seek most with their hysterical insistence that we all wear masks is unprecedented access to mail-in voting.

Where historically you could vote-by-mail by requesting special dispensation, the media and Democratic party believe that if we’re all still scared enough to be wearing masks by September / October, then surely we’ll agree that everyone must be mailed a ballot and given the option to vote that way if they so choose.

And don’t think for a second that His Higness Fauci won’t be right out front of every camera he can find agreeing with them.

I mean what person in their right mind would think it’s okay for 150 million people to go stand in line together and then huddle in indoor polling facilities if we’re already too scared to even leave the house without our masks on?

Well, for those of us who understand that tens of millions of us have already gotten and recovered from the virus and didn’t even know it — and for those of us who understand that an infinitesimally small fraction of us will have even marginally serious symptoms — and for those of us who understand that the lethality of COVID-19 is stacking up to be even less than that of the flu — we know it’s not actually a big deal.

But for the vast majority of people who are legitimately scared out of their wits by the fear-mongering from the media and left, as well as elected Republicans and even many in conservative media who yet again are little more than unwittingly useful idiots in service to the swamp, to that large portion of our nation, being scared into wearing a mask in July means staying that way as long as they’re told — and by the time October comes around, not batting an eye when the media say…

None of this was planned. We can’t help it that our nation is still in a state of absolute terror over this horrific pandemic that has now infected over 70,000,000 and killed nearly 150,000 innocent souls! We can’t help it that Trump was denied his most effective campaign weapons while Biden was given cover for his most devastating weaknesses. It’s not our fault that the only responsible and safe thing to do now is mail out 150 million ballots just in case anyone isn’t comfortable going to the polls. Yes there’s no real way to account for what will happen to those ballots along the way to or from the mailboxes, but there’s no evidence that anything bad will happen. So that means nothing bad will happen. You can trust us! But of course this isn’t what we wanted. We promise. We’re impartial. We have been this whole time. Of course we wouldn’t have wanted any of this!

They will be, of course, lying through their teeth. The hell they’ve put this nation through these last four years as punishment for rejecting their wishes and electing someone who promised to drain the swamp on which they rely for sustenance, has been bottomless.

And you wearing a mask over fears of a virus that will claim maybe twice the number of lives that the average flu does — you wearing a mask over fears of a virus that 20-30% of you already got, recovered from, can’t get or spread again, and don’t even know it — you wearing a mask over fears of a virus from which the vast majority of us will either have very mild symptoms or no symptoms at all — you wearing a mask over fears of a virus where nearly half the nation’s deaths came from New York (a state whose governor the media praise as a brilliant leader throughout this whole humiliation) — you wearing a mask over fears of a virus where fully 40% of deaths happened in nursing homes — you wearing a mask is the last, best hope they have to defeat Trump.


And I’m sorry but that’s all this was ever about. Yes the virus is real. But no it didn’t merit even a fraction of the hysteria that the media and their social engineering allies in academia foist on our nation, nor a shred of the entirely avoidable collateral damage they inflicted on all of us.

We’re all pawns to the #AmericaLast media and left.

Some of us are just a lot more eager than others.

And you can tell who the eager pawns are…

…because they’re all wearing masks.

Protect the 10-20% of the population who may truly be vulnerable. Sure. That’s great. Nothing wrong with that. Heck, everything right with that! But for all the rest of you who are eagerly playing along and helping foment the fear, you are — as is often the case with leftist endeavors — doing exponentially more harm than good. You’re telling yourself you’re being a good steward. You’re telling yourself you’re doing something meaningful and selfless. You’re wrong. You’ve been lied to. You’ll of course attack me and it’ll be a long, hot minute before history vindicates me.

But if Trump wins, meet me back here in 5 years when the science has settled and the data has become firmly reliable. I’ll gladly take your apology at that time.

Or, on the very long shot chance that Biden wins, meet me back here literally the day after he’s sworn in and I’ll take your apology then. Because the second someone the media approves of becomes president, all their fear-mongering and all their terrorizing of our country goes away immediately. Even the so-called “social justice” mobs will go away because they’re really nothing more than election props. And the media will, like they always do, shift all their ire to those gosh darn Republicans in Congress who just can’t stop obstructing what those entirely selfless and wonderful Democrat party leaders in the White House are trying to do to “help” our nation.

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