ShopRite of Branchburg, NJ {Saker Shoprite}

The ShopRite of Branchburg, NJ is another one of several ShopRite Supermarkets in the coverage area run by the Saker family. Those usually have the “World Class” designation on the exterior. They have 31 locations in New Jersey.

The other Saker ShopRites for this publication include Montgomery, Bound Brook, and Somerville. The bulk of their stores are closer to the coast and south.

This “World Class” ShopRite feels larger than the others.

Another standard ShopRite but with better hours

Like we’ve said several times before – ShopRite is one of the primary supermarkets in New Jersey (as well as the largest employer in the state). They serve a need and do a decent job, that is for sure.

But as most supermarkets fulfill those basic needs – we rarely feel there is anything “groundbreaking” about any of them. Some have nifty features here and there – or a slightly better selection of “this or that,” in the end – it’s just sustenance. (Note we don’t care for anything gimmicky, like prepared food or other fancy luxuries). Fair value and freshness are top keys.

We like the Branchburg location for its ease of access as well as long hours (until midnight is a rarity away from large cities).

Their meat choices are a bit lame for us – but we can survive thanks to other options in the state.

See map and contact info below.

Map: ShopRite of Branchburg, NJ

Hours: 6am to Midnight SEVEN DAYS A WEEK
Phone: 908-704-3378

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