Wegmans raises paper towel prices by 25%!

You read that correctly. Wegmans has raised its paper towel prices by 25%!

“But wait a minute,” you might say. “The price for a 12-pack only went up from $12.99 to $13.99 – that’s less than 10%!”

And I’d say, “you’re right, but have you looked at the package carefully?”

Used to be 100 square feet MORE paper for less money.

Wegmans applies Grocery Shrink Ray on unsuspecting customers

Wegmans paper towels are one of the top-selling products there. They sell hundreds of pallets per week.

Why? Because (they used to be) one of the best values around, and for a very decent product. Comparable to Bounty – at about half the price.

Regular price used to be (from memory) about 1.78 cents per square foot of paper. (726 sq. ft. for $12.99).

But their price recently went up a buck to $13.99. And if you looked at the “fine print,” they now give you about 100 square feet LESS paper! (627 sq. ft.) That works out to about 2.23 cents per square foot.

Wegmans is now no longer in the “VIP Club” of best valued “premium” paper towels. They’re now a distant “middle of the pack” contender.

If there is any consolation – they do have new “print” paper towels. They’re also in a 12-pack for the same price – but individually-wrapped. You get about 10 square feet more – for the same money. It’s the better choice, even if they’re not “select-a-size.”

More paper in the full-sheet decorative version.

We’ll see how long this lasts before their either change their game – or continue fiddling with the product. We’re not happy that they are squeaking these changes for all of us.

TIP: The hands-down BEST value by far (as of March 2019) is LIDL “ULTRA STRONG” Paper Towels (2-pack). 1.4 cents per square foot – and also the best quality (better than Bounty, in our opinion.)

Hopefully, more people will pay attention – and bring this to the attention of Wegmans.

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