“Organic” is a peculiar and popular word in our world today. While today’s post is specifically about organic peanuts – we’ll also touch on the entire organic industry as a whole as well.

Why are organic peanuts so hard to find?

For instance – a large supermarket conglomerate such as ShopRite (as well as the largest employer in NJ), has ZERO organic peanuts for sale.


They have organic almost everything there. What is the deal with peanuts exactly?

The science of “organic” has not been settled yet

Head over to the Cornucopia Institute website. Take a look at some of their “reports” or “scorecards.”

They cover things like dairy and eggs. We talked about organic milk the other day – you might want to read that article to give yourself more insight.

The disparity between brands that (all) have the coveted “organic” label is extremely wide. Some “organic” brands are very poorly rated.

This brings into question the VALIDITY of the USDA ORGANIC certification, doesn’t it?

We have a running debate in our household about that so-called “label” in fact. Just because it was “certified” and has this special label – doesn’t mean much – especially if you read those reports in depth.

For instance – organic eggs can be harvested from chickens inside a crowded box. They don’t need to be free-range or whatever. I could go on and on about how “organic” doesn’t mean much these days – especially with pesticides or living conditions. (Eggs, in fact, are probably the worst offenders – there are very few “good” organic eggs available commercially. But local farm eggs if you have the option.)

yum organic peanuts

But what is the deal with organic peanuts?

Honestly – we haven’t researched why the organic peanut industry is so minimal. I’d suspect on first instinct that it’s next to impossible to farm peanuts TRULY organically and make a profit. My first guess is that they’re highly susceptible to pests and other diseases that make it difficult to mass produce.

However, we’ve picked up organic peanuts at *some* places (can’t remember where – maybe Whole Foods or perhaps another health food store?)

But I recall they were expensive – and not nearly as “tasty” as products such as “genuine Virginia peanuts” that we might get at a place like Wegmans, for instance.

Side Note: Sea Salt is crucial

Not going to ramble much further – but one thing to pay careful attention to – and is probably more important for your health than whether it has a stupid USDA ORGANIC logo on it – is what kind of SALT is inside.

Almost 99% of the peanut products we’ve seen simply list “salt” as an ingredient. You should avoid those. Read the amazing book Salt Your Way To Health for more insight into why there is a profound difference between sea salt and refined salt. You can thank us later.

A non-organic peanut product that uses sea salt is our preference.

And if I can recall correctly – I think even the “organic” peanuts we have had in the past – didn’t even use unrefined sea salt as a seasoning. What the F?

Shop carefully

Today’s marketplaces are making it harder and harder to control your diet.

There is some kind of roadblock which is always in the way.

It could be the exorbitant cost for high quality. Or poor ingredients, like GMO or pesticides. Or even worse, high-carbs, and other dastardly grains and fillers.

It totally sucks that people need to pay super premiums for just acceptable products. Kind of pisses us off, to be honest.

We strive hard to shop local and understand the business practice of these companies. But our food supply, in general, is getting worse and worse when it comes to quality and nutritional integrity.

I just wonder what the “best” peanuts are – and where they can be found for a reasonable price. Can anyone share?

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