OMAD – or “one meal a day” almost comes automatically {VLOG}

OMAD – or “one meal a day” almost comes automatically {VLOG}

In today’s VLOG – we talk about the so-called “fad” referred to as “ONE MEAL A DAY,” also named “OMAD.”

And why it’s not that hard to do, and almost automatic when low carb. Especially carnivore.

The concept behind “OMAD” is basically to fast almost the entire day – with the exception of the one low-carb (or zero carb) meal.

It’s a big bump from the “16/8” or “18/6” rules – where people eat during a six or eight hour window each day.

The reason we say it’s almost automatic – is because when you eat mostly meat – and next to zero carbs – you simply don’t get hungry at “mealtime” like you used to.

There are many days we just don’t care to eat late in the day. Often just skipping dinner with the family. You never feel hungry either. Sometimes, however, we do get punchy at 3am before bed – but most of the time we have the power to just wait until the next day.

So that’s it – another benefit to low carb. Your body finally tells the truth about when it’s really necessary to eat. Isn’t that great?

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