Top 5 Best Low Carb Spiked Seltzers 2021 {VLOG}

Top 5 Best Low Carb Spiked Seltzers {VLOG}

In today’s VLOG – we will round up our Top 5 best low carb spiked seltzers over the past year or two.

We will also include a few “honorable mentions” to add to the discussion.

It was an interesting turn of events over the past six to 12 months, that is for sure (“crisis” notwithstanding).

What are our criteria for the “best” low carb spiked seltzer?

For starters, we are not using a data-driven analysis here – where we weight criteria the way stupid “best” charts are in the online world. This is purely our natural feeling about things.

We do place certain emphasis on some aspects of each product feature – but our determination is not based solely on numbers alone.

But in general – we have a few basic “tick marks” to meet in order to “rank” in our personal world.

  • First and foremost is CARBS. The lower the better. We generally do NOT consume anything that is over 2g of net carbs per can.
  • Value. There is a line in the sand for how much we want to pay for a package of spiked seltzer. Generally, it has to be under $30 per case. Again, the lower the better.
  • Taste. Not much of an indicator, as we “water down” all our drinks. We never drink straight out of the can like a beer. However, taste still plays a role. Most seltzers to us don’t have a “profound” impact on our drinking enjoyment. No flavor, per se, has “wowed” us beyond belief. On the other hand, some seltzers in the past have been awful enough to never try again.
  • SUGAR. Besides carbs, “added sugar” bothers us. Seltzers that have 1g or less (preferably zero) are favored. Note: While a gram or two of sugar may not impact your blood sugar levels – it does have an effect on how you drink.
  • Alcohol content. This never played a role in the past – but it has in recent times. With caveats, of course.

Without further adieu:

The Top List of low carb spiked seltzers 2021

It was tough to nail down our favorites in exact order. So we will list them here IN NO ORDER AT ALL.

  • Smirnoff Spiked Sparkling Seltzers. They were king of the hill for a few years. And still are in the top 5. The “Spiked Sparkling Seltzers” are rated at 4.5% ABV, and cost about $28 per case. 1g of carbs per can, no added sugar. Note that the best value overall (by far) is the Smirnoff 8%. Will always be in rotation here at
  • SMPL Hard Seltzers. A newcomer in late 2020, these seltzers are a hit because of their very low-carb levels, as well as higher alcohol content and value. Instead of 12 cans, they offer 15 (30 cans in a case).
  • Hi-Current Seltzer. Good taste, 5% ABV, and low carb with no added sugar. A solid option.
  • HydroPonics. The “Terpene” taste of these is most likely a hit or miss for most people. They certainly do smell a bit like “weed.” We found the taste to be the most unique in the lot. For that reason alone it’s in the top 5. However, the value is good as well as the 5% ABV. A “Winner” – but it is important to note that we discovered that the quality varies between batches. Some were outstanding, while others may have been “tainted” to some degree. I hope they figure this out soon.
  • Blind Lemon. A latecomer to the list – we tried these at the end of last year. Another solid pick with zero added sugar and 1g of carbs per can. The flavor was nice. But be careful with over-consumption – as drinking too many of these led to some really bad hangovers.

Honorable low carb spiked seltzer mentions

These honorable mentions may not be “regulars” in our house, but they might come to visit from time to time.

  • Natural Light. Also called “Natty Lights.” If this was a “Top 6” list, we’d include them. However, they were nudged out by some newcomers. But these are solid all-around and have a very good value as well. Note that these have 3 grams of carbs, and should be used sparingly or mixed with other lower-carb seltzers.
  • Truly Lemonade. Another “fake” sugar-sweetened drink, however, the flavor was compelling enough to actually enjoy. We’re not sure if we added this because the beverage was more addictive or not. Whatever the case – our body thought that these were somehow more “refreshing?”
  • Crook and Marker Coconut. All other Crook and Marker spiked drinks were overly sweet with Erythritol to the point of sickness. Even watered down they were profoundly sweet. But the Coconut variety was the least sweet of them all – and makes a good flavoring mix when concocting your drinks. Keep in mind that these are “organic” and cost upwards of 50% more per ounce. Good when you want a change of pace every few months. You need something to keep life interesting these days.
  • Kona Seltzer – These seltzers from Hawaii are in the honorable mentions because we like the taste a lot, and the “hangover” is not bad at all. The only reason they’re not in the top 5 is that they have 2 grams of carbs.

Just remember that not all low-carb seltzers are the same. It’s important to check those key points: Total carbs, and added sugar. Keeping those numbers as low as possible is your best line of defense in the low-carb world.

Frankly – we’d absolutely be better off if we didn’t drink AT ALL.

But maybe we’d lose our mind as well. A tricky line to walk that is for sure.

Hope you enjoyed it and see you next video!

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