5 Ingredient Semi-Homemade Meals {VLOG}

5 Ingredient Semi-Homemade Meals {VLOG}

In today’s NJroute22.com VLOG – we talk about a great all-around cookbook that works for all people. And it’s healthy too!

It’s called 5 Ingredient Semi-Homemade Meals, by Bobby Parrish and Dessi Parrish.

We’ve never heard of these guys before, but they certainly put together a great cookbook.

While it’s not exclusively for one type of diet mindset – as in there are many meals that are literally “high carb,” it still includes several fun recipes for the low-carb, carnivore people.

But in general, the meals appear fun, tasty, and simple to make. And a huge step up from other traditional cookbooks.

They strive to use some of the better-quality ingredients and seem to have most bases covered.

In other words – it appears to be up to speed on a lot of newer health revelations over the past few years.

We highly recommend checking this out. Either for yourself or the cook in your circle of influence.

Have a great day!

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