HydroPonics Hard & Heady Seltzer Review {VLOG}

HydroPonics Hard & Heady Seltzer Review {VLOG}

In today’s NJroute22.com VLOG – we check out the HydroPonics Hard & Heady Seltzer.

We picked up a pack of this seltzer from SweetWater Brewing Company on a whim recently. Had no idea about what we were in store for. Other than it met our low-carb requirements.

This seltzer has 5% alcohol by volume and costs about $17 per 12-pack. The flavors are SoMango, Lime Haze, Mother of Berries, and Black Cherry Bomb.

Here’s the brief description from the SweetWater brewery:

“Hydro is a new hard and heady seltzer brewed for the 420 lifestyles. Whether it’s the pool, tailgate, or wherever life takes you, Hydro brings a more premium craft liquid to the seltzer game – fresh, clean-tasting, and flavorful. 100 calories. 5% ABV. All-natural flavors. Plant-based. 1g sugar. 1g carbs. Naturally gluten-free.”

Smells and tastes a bit like weed!

You see, we didn’t really pay much attention to the name when we bought it. We know what hydroponics is, but the can didn’t say anything really about CBD, Hemp, or any kind of blatantly obvious “weed” based aspect. (In retrospect – there are many 420-based references – but we weren’t in that frame of mind when we bought it).

But there was this phrase: “Terpene Infused.”

Terpenes are essentially what causes the “smell” of cannabis. Nothing more, nothing less. There is no CBD or THC in this drink. (FYI – some states have made it legal to sell THC-infused beverages – such as California and Colorado).

Some people also suggest that the literal smell of terpenes may promote relaxation or even provide stress relief. I’ll tell you this much – we had the most “chill” vibe drinking these seltzers. And that was before we even investigated this further.

How was the taste of Hydroponics Seltzer?

Many people seem to be thrown off by the taste of this seltzer for whatever reason. We were not.

Was it smashing? Not really. But it wouldn’t qualify as a horrible drink by a long shot. We’ve had many worse seltzers. I’d say HydroPonics was fully acceptable with an asterisk.

The aroma was fascinating to us. And we found all flavors equal really, because the scent of the terpenes took center stage, as the flavors were almost irrelevant.

And if you watch our booze reviews – we ALWAYS water our drinks down to allow for extended drinking periods and tempered consumption volume. So in that respect, these were perfectly acceptable.

We might even buy them again if we find them.

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