Hi-Current Craft Hard Seltzer Review {VLOG}

Hi-Current Craft Hard Seltzer Review {VLOG}

In today’s NJroute22.com VLOG – we review the new Hi-Current Craft Hard Seltzer. And boy – I think we have a legit contender for the top favorite spiked seltzer in our lineup!

For starters – these 12-ounce cans are rated at “less than” 1 gram of carbohydrates. And contain 5% alcohol by volume. They come out of the Southern Tier Brewing Company.

The four flavors are – Black Cherry Lemon, Blood Orange Grapefruit, Watermelon Lime, and Strawberry Pineapple. We actually liked them all – and couldn’t find a “favorite” per se.

One aspect of the Hi-Current seltzers that we find compelling, is the beer-like texture. Kind of “foams up” when you pour it into a cup. Drinking it also has a more “velvety” texture than our usual seltzers.

This would make a strong case for drinking straight, as opposed to watering down as we do almost exclusively.

However, we water our drinks down in order to temper our consumption rate (and aid in next-day hangovers).

Either way – we’re now big fans of this brand of seltzer. These, as well as the SMPL Hard Seltzers we reviewed last week, are really putting a hurting on the Smirnoff Spiked Sparkling Seltzer’s reign as top dog in our house.
At least Smirnoff brought a ringer in with their 8% ABV Seltzers – which are still King of the Hill when it comes to best value or “bang for the buck” by far.

Glad to see some of these new seltzer companies pay conscious attention to the carbohydrate levels while refraining from any kind of sweeteners. Bravo.

What are your favorites?

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(Note that their website states these are “sweetened with monk fruit,” which we didn’t see on the cans. Which kind of alarms us. We noticed that other brands that “sweeten” their seltzers – such as Crook & Marker – throw our bodies out of whack. However, it appears that monk fruit doesn’t seem to have the same kind of effect as Erythritol. We’ll check back in the future if that sentiment changes.)

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