Weight fluctuations don’t matter when low-carb

Weight fluctuations don’t matter when low-carb

In today’s NJroute22.com VLOG – we chat about the psychology behind weight fluctuations and your low-carb diet.

The premise is simple.

People become dismayed when both their weight and body composition changes – for the worse.

It happens for many reasons.

But when you’re low-carb, and you DO NOT fall off the wagon – it is almost always just temporary.

In our case, it’s typically during a few winter months – where our actual physical activity diminishes due to less strenuous outdoor work that is required.

We imagine that if we stupidly paid money to lift things at some fitness center, we’d be less apt to have this condition.

But not everyone can spend time on their vanity, and have to understand that these things happen.

And if you’re on-course, it’s not a long-term problem. You might even see trends that last even six months or longer! That is no reason to give up. But it should make you re-examine what you’re eating. If you have any fruits or vegetables in your diet – especially big “salads,” those can certainly cause disruptions or stall your progress altogether. The same goes with keto and gluten-free “flours.” Stay away from all sweets – natural or not.

Once you get closer to true carnivore or carnivore light – you’ll be amazed at how steady your weight becomes.

In other words – just deal with it and keep calm. Have patience, never expect anything in “30 days,” and it will all work out in the end!

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