Strength and resistance takes time with low-carb {VLOG}

Strength and resistance takes time with low-carb {VLOG}

In today’s low-carb VLOG – we talk about the relationship between us low-carbers, and “bad food.”

Specifically, the fact that for us – the ability to build up strong resistance to carbs and other once-loved food took a while.

Even when we were doing well years ago, we still often “tasted” the foods we had given up. Never to the point where we were taking bites of sandwiches or slices of pizza, but other things like a bite of some restaurant-prepared chicken, for example. Usually, the “breaded” chicken breasts that came with a chicken parm dish. Or a meatball with some marinara sauce.

While those are technically “low-carb” overall – they’re still way higher in carbs than the foods we eat, AND they have wheat (on the coating) and sugar (in the sauces) most of the time. In other words – they’re bad foods, and we always felt something didn’t sit right in us after “tasting” them.

It took many years – but now we finally have the strength to NOT even taste one single bite of the foods my family eats – as well as the foods I prepare for them!
This includes pastas, breads, sandwiches, and many more.

I think it took a long time because I needed to feel the pain each time. To the point where we took pleasure in their absence. No longer do we have that “FOMO” feeling of not getting the dangerously addictive foods we used to THINK we enjoyed.

We also did a post about MSG last week. That is part of the reason why we avoid those restaurant foods entirely now. Becaue we just don’t trust them. Preparing yourself is the best bet.

I suppose some folks may have better discipline than us. But to get to that point is still rewarding, and we wanted to share.

Can you resist the forbidden foods? Or do you make excuses still (such as at birthdays, or special occasions?) Regardless – reaching that level is very satisfying and we feel stronger than ever before.

Stay tuned for more!

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