Crook & Marker Spiked Coconut Review {VLOG}

Crook & Marker Spiked Coconut Review {VLOG}

In today’s VLOG – we close out our reviews of the Crook & Marker brand of spiked drinks by finally getting a chance to sample the Coconut variety.

If you saw any of our previous VLOGS – we “sort of” liked all the Crook & Marker products. But with major caveats.

One, they’re the absolute most “flavorful” of all seltzers. But that is solely because they use Erythritol in them.

And for folks who are low-carb and zero sugar, that means that they taste profanely TOO sweet.

In fact, we cannot really drink more than 1/4 of a can at a time, even when diluted.

And we think they taste powerful even then.

But the main reason is that we’re beginning to realize that this sweetener, even if it supposedly has no effect on blood sugar levels – does something else to our bodies.

We drink more. And it does something to our appetite for days after. In other words – we’re not too thrilled with that happening.


As we suspected, the coconut is exactly the same as all the other Crook & Marker products.

Crazy sweet. But we have to say – it’s the least sweet-tasting out of all their products.

We thought we “liked” it a lot – but we KNOW that is not a natural thing. In other words – we strongly feel we were TRICKED to like it.

But it certainly makes for a good mixer if you’re concocting cocktails for guests during any occasion. It’s up to you if you want to divulge the contents.

That’s it for the Crook & Markers. We highly doubt we’ll buy them again. We just had to try this one last un-tested flavor.

What do you feel about those strong-tasting sweeteners?

See you next VLOG!

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