Blind Lemon Craft Brewed Hard Seltzer {VLOG}

Blind Lemon Craft Brewed Hard Seltzer {VLOG}

In today’s VLOG – we share our thoughts about the Blind Lemon Craft Brewed Hard Seltzer.

It rings in at 5% alcohol by volume and has only 1g of carbs. And it appears to be a small business. And the price is fair.

We initially gave this product a massive thumbs up – as it hit all the check-marks for us low-carb booze-lovers.

But we’ve scaled back a few points because we’re concerned about the “After effects” of consuming this product.

While there are no weird ingredients or sweeteners – we noticed that if not consumed carefully – the hangovers for these seem to be a lot rougher than we’d like.

Perhaps that 5% alcohol level is too much for us. Our faves (the Smirnoff) never make us feel horrible when consumed within a certain amount (less than 12 cans).

We’ll keep trying – as we do like these overall. But maybe, just like an out of control girlfriend, they have to be kept in check?

That’s it for now. If something profoundly different comes up – we’ll share. But for now – we’ll just enjoy these sporadically instead of regularly.

Have a great new year!

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