Beware of shredded cheeses {choose block instead!}

Today’s brief VLOG is yet another “PSA” that might benefit you as you stroll the aisles of your local supermarkets.

It’s the profound differences between most brands of shredded cheeses and their “block cheese” counterparts (within the same brands).

All you need to do is look at the ingredients.

Shredded varieties contain a lot more “stuff,” such as especially concerning items like potato starch, corn starch, and other additives that we suspect make the cheeses more “pleasant” to handle, or hold their shape, not stick together, get moldy, etc.

However, going forward, we are going to stick to the block cheese alternatives. And just “shred as needed.” Even with the extra effort, it’s worth it to us to avoid any unnecessary starches or other preservatives.

Have a good day!

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