ShopRite Wines & Spirits

ShopRite Wines & Spirits of NJ
Written by NJroute22

ShopRite Wines & Spirits

ShopRite Wines & Spirits is one of the most prolific alcohol stores in the state. They’re all over for the most part, north to south. However, they don’t have too much representation in the west / central portion of NJ.

Note that ShopRite Wines & Spirits are independently owned and operated, and selection and quality of service may vary between locations. Also be aware that some may be owned by individuals, while others large corporations, like Quick Chek.

Some of the best prices in NJ?

Based on our experience, it appears that ShopRite Wines & Spirits has the lowest prices out of all the places we regularly frequent. At least the specific items we buy. We’re not such lushes that we know prices on every single item! Either way – very competitive.

It should be noted that we’ve spotted at least a few independent liquor stores with better prices than even ShopRite. But they are very local and often out of the way. Kind of makes you wonder!

Don’t forget periodic sales where one location might have the best price, but those usually only last a week or so.

Perhaps ShopRite’s buying power allows them to probably profit more per sale – thus open up more locations. That’s where you have to put your thinking cap on, and shop carefully – and never assume you’re always getting the best deal. Since everyone has phones with them – be sure to take pictures if you see lower prices elsewhere. Most places price-match.

Overall – we have no problems patronizing ShopRite Wines & Spirts. The only downside is that there are not more of them along the Route 22 corridor. But for those who have one in their circuit are lucky.

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