ShopRite Wines & Spirits of Morristown NJ

This is the ShopRite Wines & Spirits location in Morristown, NJ (technically Hanover, even more specifically “Cedar Knolls,” but who’s being a stickler?) One of the only ShopRite’s in our coverage area that has the liquor store physically attached to the Supermarket as a standalone entity. You might say the Hackettstown location is similar – but it’s on the far other end of the strip mall.

We don’t get out here too often – but when we do, it’s on our itinerary. The northern periphery of the “Greater Morristown Area” has lots of spots to help you complete your errands or shopping lists.

As we’ve mentioned in previous threads, ShopRite Wines & Spirits are considered a major liquor store in NJ when it comes to economies of scale. It seems almost everything they sell there is either the same or cheaper than almost anywhere else (with exceptions being “sale” prices elsewhere…)

Honestly – we’re not sure what time this location closes. Can anyone help? We know the supermarket closes at 11 pm, but I’d suspect the liquor store closes earlier, the exception being Fridays and Saturday. I know Morristown is one of the few municipalities in NJ that created “easements” to the sale of liquor. We’ll correct this if someone chimes in (or we find out for ourselves – hello phone?)

The official address is 178 Hanover Ave, Cedar Knolls, NJ 07927 and you can ring their phone by dialing 973-829-6825 if you want to see if they have your rare wine varietal in stock or not.

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