Good news for All American Barbecue and meat lovers! Jersey Q is available for your consumption consideration! Located at 42 Old Highway 22 in Clinton, NJ (technically Route 173).

We don’t know much about Jersey Q yet – as we have not visited, and their website indicates that they’re having their grand opening on December 4, 2018.

But we do know they are a “smoked” kind of BBQ, which is what we prefer over “grilling.” Anyone can grill food, or even run a rotisserie. But smoked meats are in a league of their own. The undisputed champs of flavor, tenderness, and overall love.

Jersey Q BBQ Clinton NJ

Ready to feed meat lovers everywhere!

It appears that the pricing model they have on their menu looks identical to the old Red, White, and Que Smokehouse over in Scotch Plains, NJ used to have. Perhaps someone connected? Or just pretty standard “market pricing” for such food delicacies.

One thing that we need to improve on (in our lives) is proper planning for “outside food.” Most of the food we eat, we prepare at home. And often in bulk. So we (happily) eat a lot of leftovers – as they taste good, and are budget-friendly. Each time we find a good BBQ place – we remember how much food we still have at home, and cannot get ourselves to spend the money for instant gratification, regardless of how tasty.

So we will actually plan to have much less food at home prior to bringing back a boatload of yummy ‘CUE!

Who else is happy to have an old-fashioned BBQ place in their neck of the woods?

Here is their phone number if you want to chat! 908-323-2039. We hope to have a knockout review in the coming weeks.

Map: Jersey Q All American Barbecue – Clinton, NJ

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