Keep Right Except to Pass!

State Law Keep Right Except to Pass NJ-1
Written by NJroute22

What’s with all the “State Law Keep Right Except to Pass” signs?

Earlier this month – every single NJ DOT electronic message board sign across the state read:


Makes you wonder why they did that. Most people drive reasonably well – with the occasional horrible driver (more on that later!)

But this statewide message could be for a few reasons:

  1. They had no other important message to share – so this was (what we call in the publishing industry), “Filler Material.”
  2. Fair warning that “enforcement” of this so-called state law will begin soon? So cops all over the state might use this essentially useless law to drum up revenue for state and local coffers? I wouldn’t doubt that. So perhaps it’s a good idea to start following this ridiculous law – for the sake of your own pocketbook and hassle-avoidance.

Dunno. They always gripe about “distracted driving,” yet are luring people into taking their eyes off the road to read these silly signs.

Life doesn’t make sense much of the time. They hypocrisies are almost everywhere you look!

Just be safe and aware, no matter what and no matter when!

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