Most of the ShopRite Supermarkets in New Jersey are dominated (owned) by a few major corporations. Saker Shoprite and Village Markets are two of the biggest – with dozens of locations. But others are smaller, from family-owned single stores (like ShopRite of Union, NJ), or RoNetco Supermarkets, which have seven stores in northwest NJ.

Besides Flanders, NJ – RoNetco has ShopRite’s in Franklin (Sussex County), Newton, Byram, Netcong, Mansfield (i.e., Hackettstown), and Succasunna. Doesn’t sound like a lot, but they’re still nearly a half-billion-dollar corporation.

They also operate the ShopRite Wine & Spirits in Hackettstown as well.

ShopRite of Flanders, NJ

Flanders, NJ (Mount Olive, technically) is located on one of the “offshoots” of Route 22. And that is Route 206, an important north/south roadway that connects south Jersey and north Jersey, but from the interior. Anyone from the area (who doesn’t mind traveling) uses that road often (along with the likes of Route 31 and Route 202 as well. Probably the three most-traveled north/south roadways in central/western NJ.

But enough with the technical and geographical details. How does ShopRite of Flanders, NJ stack up?

All ShopRite Supermarkets have their quirks

We’ve been to the Flanders location a handful of times. We’ve never really been disappointed. Just like most competently-run supermarkets, they have what we’re looking for – and we move along.

Not the “fanciest” ShopRite around…

This location isn’t quite as “polished” as some of the more upscale locations. That said, it’s not a “dump,” but has a somewhat dated feel (even though they’re making improvements here and there). With an open mind, anyone can appreciate how buildings are constructed and laid out. The place serves a purpose first and foremost. Beauty contests are never practical. It doesn’t leak when it rains. Important stuff covered, right?

We try to never get hung up on superficial appearances, unless they are filthy or hazardous to your health. (Heck we love places like ALDI, so “upscale” is not a necessity for us!)

But we noticed one very interesting difference in this ShopRite compared to others we frequent regularly…

Discounted products aplenty!

Every ShopRite offers some degree of discounted products. Usually prepared foods. Things that would normally be thrown out if not sold that day.

The Flanders location seemed to manage this aspect way better than the rest. We saw so many items (baked goods, chicken, salads, etc.) that were between 30% and 50% off.

In speaking to the employee putting the stickers on, he said it happens daily (Sundays at around 5:30pm, and weekdays around 6:30pm or 7:00pm). I asked him if some people shop specifically for those cheaper items – he said: “yes, in fact, some folks get upset if haven’t performed the markdowns on time!”

Hundreds of choices throughout the store. Based on our anecdotal observations – we’re wondering why the disparity between ShopRite franchises? Is Flanders just more diligent? Or do other locations slack? Or is there an entire skilled subset of shopper that snatches these deals up before we see them? An interesting phenomenon for sure.

Overall – it’s just another supermarket – and we have no complaints. ShopRite is pretty much the go-to in this part of New Jersey. They do have a Weis down the road (with better hours), but surely both can survive. Most people won’t drive further west or south for other options.

ShopRite is a bonafide part of living in New Jersey. And we’re appreciative about that.

Map, hours, contact for ShopRite of Flanders, NJ

Hours: 8am to 10pm every day except Sunday (closes at 7pm)
Phone: 973-252-5160

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