On our way back from the Paxson Hill Farm event down in New Hope, PA earlier this month – we spotted what we felt was the largest haystack in NJ! The largest one we’ve ever seen, at least!

Based on our estimations – this massive mound of hay was probably at least 25 feet high, 30 feet deep, and about 150 feet wide – making it over 110,000 cubic feet of hay.

Or approximately 1,000 of the largest bales of hay made.

It was located on Sergeantsville Road, south of Flemington, NJ. I believe it was in either Stockton, NJ or Delaware, NJ.

You don’t typically see these types of things traveling on Route 22, that’s for sure. So it was a bit unusual for us, and probably par for the course for those living in rural farming areas.

Either way – it’s still fun to be fascinated by even ordinary things in life today (that don’t require a smartphone or “app.”)

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