Phillipsburg, NJ suffering? {VLOG}

Phillipsburg, NJ suffering? {VLOG}

In today’s VLOG – we chat about the overall state of retail in the Phillipsburg, NJ general area.

We noticed that in addition to the Staples store that closed last year – Best Buy also shuttered their store in the first strip mall off Route 78.

Other than this area, a Toy’s R Us closed a few years ago up Route 22. But does that mean retail is doing badly? Or it was just over-saturated for this region?

You have many big box stores – with a Walmart Superstore being the main draw. There are also both big-box hardware stores Home Depot and Lowes (although we think the Lowe’s here is struggling).

The other big draw a decade or more ago – was the Phillipsburg Mall – which is pretty much toast.

Perhaps this is just natural capitalism. “Only the strong survive.” And maybe for way too long – the number of stores just rode a wave of a good economy. We’re definitely in a contraction phase now.

We just wonder how long it will last. With online shopping taking the forefront here during the crisis – it’s possible it’ll be a long time before the tide turns. And of course, you’d need a large increase in population to make that sustainable.

Your thoughts?

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