Toilet Reading: Today vs. 40 years ago!

Toilet Reading: Today vs. 40 years ago!

In today’s VLOG – we’ll talk about something that is very real – but rarely discussed out in the open. And that is what people read (or do) in the bathroom these days versus how we did it four decades ago!

  • For one – we almost always READ books, magazines, or papers.
  • Our go-to in the 70s and 80s were little paperback books. Most often of the comic-book nature. Such as Mad Magazine, and other humor-oriented books like The Berenstain Family.
  • Sometimes – if you forgot to bring material (i.e., “emergency”) you’d actually read the ingredients of products in the bathroom, such as shampoo. The habit is important for *some* people. True fact!

Note that it seems that MEN like spending more time on the throne than women.

  • Then one day over time – technology became a partner in the latrine.
  • We recall a bad stretch in our lives – once the iPad became a thing – that we’d have one in the bathroom exclusively.
  • This meant we usually played games. And those games were brilliantly addictive (i.e., gamification) and we’d spend an exorbitant amount of time in the bathroom. Often times – our LEGS FELL ASLEEP! Bad!
  • A few years ago we said “enough!” – and sold all our “bathroom iPads.” It was becoming too much. We “cut the cord” on electronic reading. And switched back to books.

Sad, but true – the fact that so many people have “apps” they check every single day – multiple times a day, the phone is a major culprit. We ourselves, have been prone to this affliction. Checking out our stock portfolio, or even newer social media platforms such as Tik Tok. It’s becoming noticeable.

Since the crisis started, our book-reading time in the bathroom has all but vanished. We’re going to figure out a way to bring it back to the spotlight. Very soon. We promise. (Right.)

Have a super-duper day!

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